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Here in Northeast Texas, squirrel and coon hunting is a way of life that has been passed down for generations. Squirrel and coon hunting with dogs has been a passion for many years. We 
try to raise hunting dogs that have one desire-to hunt the game and get treed. Our dogs are purebred original Ladner black mouth curs, registered with NKC and Black Mouth Cur Association. We hunt these dogs throughout the year. We hunt our dogs mostly for pleasure, but we also enjoy competition hunting. Our dogs continue to win in the squirrel 
and coon competition hunts we participate in. 
You’ll see as you browse our site. 
We are proud of our squirrel and coon dogs and proud to live in Northeast Texas!

I take pride in breeding the best to the best!

Hello my name is Paul Hillis and I was ten years old when I saw a yellow blackmouth cur for the first time. I had gone home to spend the night with a first cousin of mine. He had a cousin that lived next door to him who was our age. They owned a yellow blackmouth cur dog that they called Crook (due to a crooked tail). Somewhere around 8:00 a.m. that Saturday morning us boys went walking in the woods behind their house and ole Crook followed us. It was not long until we came upon a creek and we were about to cross the creek when that ole yellow blackmouth cur started treeing on a big whiteoak tree. There were six squirrels up that one tree and ole Crook was telling us about it. That was the day that I came to love cur dogs. I went home telling my parents all about that yellow blackmouth cur and it was not long until my mother got me the book Old Yeller. After reading that book that really got me going sure enough then!     

Well I have tried a lot of dogs through the years and they never would turn out like ole Crook or Old Yeller. I was just about to give up until I read about Mr. L.H. Ladner having the original yellow blackmouth curs, that have been in his family for something like 100 plus years. Then is when I decided to drive to Mr. Ladners house, me and 2 of my sons, David & Timothy. I sat down with L.H. at his kitchen table and it didn't take me long to realize that I was talking to a man that really knew black mouth curs. Later that morning he took us out to show us all of his dogs. I looked through about 4 different litters of puppies before finding the 2 pups I liked the best. I bought these puppies from Mr. Ladner and this was in 2003. We drove on back to Texas that night and 8 months later I realized that I had found Crook and Old Yellers ancestors . Those two puppies, one male and the other female, had made me the dogs I had been looking for. They are the two dogs in the picture with me on my home page. I have owned lots of  Ladner Cur dogs over the last fourteen years.  I only breed the best to the best. Nobody takes more pride  in breeding up good dogs than
I do and thats a Promise!
             Above- Rusty 16 months old....A great Dog!!!!!


       Contact Information-
Paul Hillis
  Simms, Texas 75574
              or  hillispaul@aol.com
Phone- 903-276-9902 or 903-543-3081

I enjoy hunting and training my dogs to be the best at what they love to do.

These dogs are bred for ability and intelligence which is one reason that they are so versatile.  They have a strong natural desire to please their master.  Most can be controlled by the tone of voice that the master uses and they can be trained to do anything.  These Curs are very good natured and are very good around children.  We have seen many that were vicious kill dogs on varmints, yet play with a child using extreme care not to hurt them.  These Curs intelligence and natural ability shows in the ease with which they can be trained.  You don't have to be a professional trainer or expert to get a good treedog with  the Ladner Curs.  They only need to be exposed to the woods and the game to do what comes natural for them.
If you notice in one of my videos, Rusty, is in the house enjoying our cow rug and playing with his ball, then in another video Rusty is in the woods treeing squirrels. That is just one example of the nature of these Ladner Blackmouth Cur dogs.

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