Hillis' Yellow Blackmouth Curs!
  Ladner Bloodline All the Way!

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"Our Kennel"
We have ten 20x20 concrete pens with wash out trough and septic system.
They are very easy to keep clean and sanitized daily.


Below is Hillis' Rusty treeing a squirrel on a hunt.

~Summer Gold~

*Jim Wise showing Hillis' Kate at Texas State Hunt*

                                         ~Hillis' TEXAS FLASH on a squirrel hunt~

~Above is Hillis' Striking Lighting treed on a cast at the Texas State Hunt~

*Below is Hillis' Candy at 8 months old*

Hillis' Kate at 7 months old

Below is Hillis' Timber Rattler at 10 months old and Hillis' Queen at 8 years old.
~2015 Good Hunt...23 squirrels~

Below is Old Yeller & Little Arles Monument at Fort Mason, Texas

Hillis' Striking Lighting & Hillis' Queen after a 3 1/2 hour evening hunt.
~21 squirrels and one coon~

~Hillis' Cowboy~ a 12 week old puppy~

Hillis' Texas Timber Rattler
at 8 months old
His Sir is Richards' Cherokee Chief
His Grandsir is GR NT CH SQ CH Hutson's  Bandit
His Granddame is NT CH GR SQ CH TR CH Hell Creek's Dixie

Hillis' Angel
at 10 months old
Her Sir is Hillis' TEXAS FLASH
Her Dame is Hillis' Candy

Hillis' Striking Lighting
~On an evening squirrel hunt~

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